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Aspid Awards 2024


On June 20th, the Uriach Foundation attended the award ceremony at the Goya Theatre in Madrid to receive its two ASPID 2024 awards for “Uriach Virtual Experience”.
Uriach Virtual Experience is an immersive virtual reality experience where users can explore key milestones in the history of Uriach, such as the first drugstore located in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona, the 1970s laboratory, as well as a natural space where the company's current values and brands are showcased.
Awards Received:
Silver Aspid in the "E-health" category
Aspid in the "Gamification in Health" category
The Aspid Awards for Ibero-American creativity and communication in Health and Pharmacy are a recognition given to both design and communication agencies and companies and entities linked to the health sector for campaigns and actions that stand out for their excellence and creativity within the industry.