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Presentation of Research Findings Farmagonacol (CUdN)


On June 13th, a press conference was held at the Official College of Pharmacists of Tarragona to present the results of the Farmagonacol clinical study, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the Aquilea cholesterol product.
The project, coordinated by the Uriach Chair of Nutraceuticals in collaboration with the Official College of Pharmacists of Tarragona, has been monitoring several volunteer patients for five months. The result was a 9% reduction in total cholesterol and a 12% reduction in LDL cholesterol in people with moderate hypercholesterolemia, that is, with total cholesterol levels between 200 and 250 mg/dL.
The presentation was attended by the president of the COFT, Toni Veciana; the Vice-Rector of Knowledge Valorization, Transfer, and Employability, Ercilia García, and the director of the Uriach Chair of Nutraceuticals and the Nutrigenomics research group, Begoña Muguerza. Also participating were the COFT's Food Spokesperson, Inma Felipe, and Gerard Aragonès Bargalló, the principal investigator of the study and member of the Nutrigenomics Research Group, accompanied by members of the twelve collaborating pharmacies and Uriach staff.