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Tribute Session to Patron Dr. Julià García


On November 13th, a session was held in the auditorium of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia in memory of our Patron, Dr. Julià García Rafanell, who passed away on March 25, 2023. Dr. Julià García Rafanell (1948-2023) joined as a full academician of the Royal Academy in 2014.
The event featured an emotional speech by Dr. Manuel Merlos Roca, a former collaborator of Uriach and corresponding academician of the RAFC, where he reminisced about Dr. Julià García Rafanell, as well as his outstanding contributions to the Royal Academy and the country's culture, with special mentions of his time at Uriach.
During the event, tributes were also paid to other academicians who passed away this year 2023, such as Dr. Xavier Bonafont Pujol, Dr. Carlos Miravitlles Torras, and Dr. Antoni Vila Casas.