233 Fundació Uriach 1838

Drs. Sagrera and Carmona awarded for their work in the cultural preservation of the UB


On Tuesday, October 10, there was a virtual act of recognition to 14 people responsible for preserving and enriching the cultural heritage fund and collections of the University of Barcelona.
Among them was one of the patrons of our Foundation, Doctor Joan Esteva de Sagrera, who was dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences for 10 years (2009-2018). Dr. Sagrera together with Dr. Anna Maria Carmona, director of the Museum of Catalan Pharmacy, have been the most responsible for the preservation and expansion of the historical collection of this museum that collects more than 2,000 objects, among which old pharmaceutical specialties and pharmaceutical advertising posters.
The Uriach Foundation dedicates part of its activities to the promotion and dissemination of the history of Health Sciences and has collaborated on various occasions with the Faculty of Pharmacy of said University in holding exhibitions related to the history of Pharmacy in addition to be part of the Pharmaceutical Medical Institute chaired by Dra. Carmona.
We want to congratulate Dr. Joan Esteve de Sagrera and Dr. Anna Maria Carmona for the granting of this award, which explicitly shows the gratitude and recognition of the university community for the work carried out over so many years.