216 Fundació Uriach 1838

New acquisition by FU1838 archive


Recently, Fundació Uriach 1838 has acquired a collection of advertising postcards from the 1920s of the Fidibus insectifugos Zampironi product. These mosquito-killing pills were owned by the "Farmacia Internazional Zampironi" laboratory, which was based in the Italian city of Venice. 
In the main part of the postcard we can see the Plaza and Basilica of San Marcos, while in its back you can read “Do you want to sleep well? They burn a pill at bedtime of the true Zampironi Fibidus insectifuge. Disease-killing mosquitoes”. 
The distribution of Italian Zampironi products was exclusive to Uriach laboratories during the 1920s and 1930s.