247 Fundació Uriach 1838

LII Award Fundación Uriach “Historia de la Medicina”


On September 30, the LII Uriach Foundation Prize "History of Medicine" will be held.
The jury will be made up of Alfons Zarzoso Orellana, doctor in History, curator of the Museum of the History of Medicine of Catalonia, associate professor of History of Science at the University of Catalonia and president of the Catalan Society for the History of Science and Science. Technique; Carles Hervàs Puyal, doctor in History and Medicine, specialist in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, has been a member of different national and foreign medical history societies and a corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia; and finally acting as secretary, Jon Arrizabalaga Valbuena, doctor in History of Medicine, has been a teacher at various universities and a research professor at the Milà i Fontanals Institute of the Higher Council for Scientific Research.
Once the verdict is known, the winners will be made public on this page.