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"Farmacia Medicina e Historia" in digital format


Fundación Uriach wants to inform all subscribers of the magazine "Farmacia, Medicina e Historia" that from October 2019 the magazine will be distributed regularly in digital format, with the exception of a special or monographic number, always with a run of few copies, which can be done in physical format.
With this change, several objectives will be achieved:
- Give access to a wider audience in a faster and more effective way, whether on our website, mobile terminals (smartphones and tablets) and content distribution platforms.
- Streamline the management of the magazine for further updating and maintenance.
- Know in real time the feddback of the readers and, in this way, make the magazine more attractive.
- Commit ourselves in a more direct way with the environment, reducing the use of paper and inks in its elaboration, or the plastics and polluting fuels derived from its distribution.