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First Open Door Days of the MFC and the IMFC


In the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Barcelona, the "First Open Door Days of the Catalan Pharmacy Museum and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute of Catalonia" were presented.
The event was chaired by the Vice-Rector for Arts, Culture and Heritage of the University of Barcelona, Mr. Salvador García; the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Jordi Camarasa and the president of the Medical-pharmaceutical Institute, Dr. Anna Mª Carmona.
These days of open doors pursue the goal of publicizing these two institutions and open them to the university community and the general public interested in both subjects.
Annually three dates will mark the beginning of these days: April 23th (Sant Jordi), September 11th (national day of Catalonia) and December 8th (festivity of the patron of the Faculty of Pharmacy), remaining open throughout the week.
The Pharmacy Museum was created in 1957 by Dr. Jesus Isamat Vila and aims to collect all aspects related to the pharmaceutical profession in Catalonia. In its facilities, located on the fifth floor of the main building of the faculty, we will find from laboratory equipment, documents, books and graphic work to original furniture and diverse instrumentation, as well as elements used in the exercise of teaching of said faculty.
The Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute of Catalonia is a private association opened in 1898, its doctrine being to defend the unification of all health specialties and contribute to health education. Also occupying a couple of rooms on the fifth floor of the faculty in them we can see interesting documents of its history as well as collections donated by individuals and related to their activity.