192 Fundació Uriach 1838

Delivery of the typewriter by Dr. Josep Danon


On January 26, 2019, Dr. Josep Danon Bretos, a former collaborator of the Uriach Foundation, delivered his historic Hispano Olivetti typewriter to Javier Uriach Torelló, current vice president of the FU1838. This machine, model Pen 22, was the one used by Dr. Danon in the preparation of all the minutes of the Uriach Foundation Prize "History of Medicine" since the seventies.
Through the keys of this typewriter have passed the greatest names in the history of the health sciences of our country, such as the distinguished professors Pedro Laín Entralgo or José Maria López Piñero, both juries of the Prize on several occasions.
With this act of delivery, this piece is incorporated into the funds of the archive of the Foundation for its custody, conservation and cataloging as part of our history.